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:iconryuzakiplz::iconsaysplz: Hello. I am L. It's a pleasure to meet you, and welcome to Wammy's House. A few others would like to greet you as well.

:iconmattyplz::iconsaysplz: Hey there! Welcome to Wammy's! Feel free to make yourself at home, just don't touch Mello's chocolate.

:iconnearplz::iconsaysplz: Yes. Whatever you do, if you choose to do anything, do not even go within a ten foot radius of his stash. It could end badly for everyone.

:iconmelloplz::iconsaysplz: .. Are you guys dissing me while I'm not around again?

:iconmattyplz::iconsaysplz: Aww, eh heh.. nah. Not at all.

:iconryuzakiplz::iconsaysplz: .. At any rate, enjoy your stay. Feel free to look around and browse the wonderful deviations we have both submitted and favorited. Also, I apologize that my successors couldn't provide any decent entertainment from their being here.

:iconmelloplz::iconsaysplz: .. Are you saying we're not amusing, L? Seriously? Well, I mean.. Near isn't all that fun to be around, but..

:iconnearplz::iconsaysplz: ...

:iconmattyplz::iconsaysplz: .. Uhh.. can we cut to a commercial break?


-- J O I N I N G

Joining's really simple, actually. All you have to do is press the pretty little button at the top of the screen, and you're in! No accepting or anything like that. Just make sure to be a nice little Wammy's kid, or we'll be sure to send Roger after you. And trust me, ya' don't want that.

-- S U B M I T T I N G

Submitting's also very simple. All you need to do is head over to our gallery and click on, 'Submit to this Gallery'. Please put it in the right category as well. All you have to do is look up to the part that says, 'Choose A Deviation - submitting to:', and put it in a proper category. If you don't do this, I'm afraid we'll have to deny it, simply because It's kinda' a pain to go through all the features and divide 'em into the proper categories. Anyway, after all that, It'll go into pending. We usually get on all the time, so it should be added pretty quick. If there happens to be a flood of deviations we have being submitted, we'll probably do a few at a time, for the sake of our Wammy's kids' inboxes. Please be patient with us. If, however, your deviation hasn't been added within two weeks of the original submission, then try submitting it again. Sometimes they just don't go through or accidentally get deleted in the mess. On the topic of what we won't allow, there isn't much we won't submit, unless it doesn't have any of the Wammys in it or if It's mature and not censored, of course. Be sure to put that sensor on. Oh yeah, and original characters are allowed, so long as there are official characters in there as well. Crossovers are also fine.


How is everyone? I wonder how many of you are still with us after all this time. I was surprised to see that we had over a thousand members now. That's pretty crazy awesome!

Anyhow, firstly, this is Ashori-sama, from before. I have a new account now, is all. I made sure to transfer all my club rights over to this account before deactivating, because I love you all so much.

Just wanted to make that clear! I'm not some random person.

Next, I know things have been a little slow as far as accepting submissions go, but that'll pick up, I promise. I'll be checking just about every day now, and our sweet co-founders will be as well. If you submitted something that was lost in some massive pile over the course of the last few months and didn't seem to go through, now would be a good time to try again, if you want to.

That's all! Just wanted to let everyone know we were still kicking after all this time. Stay cool.
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Hello, it is a pleasure to be here. *Bows*
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We'll try to fix it now and message you once it is.
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